BLINKs, are you ready for actress Lisa? On December 26, Vogue Thailand released an article claiming that the K-Pop singer Lisa of girl group BLACKPINK is reportedly making her acting debut in the Hollywood series The Walking Dead.

According to several media outlets, the singer has been flying back and forth to Paris, France for the past few months. Notably, her travels coincided with the filming location and schedule of the popular zombie apocalypse series. 

Fans’ speculations were even intensified as the show’s official Instagram page followed Lisa’s personal account. Some fans took this as a possible hint of the idol’s involvement in the series. 

To add, the lead actor of The Walking Dead’s spin-off, Norman Reedus who plays the role of Daryl Dixon, has also followed the singer. Other fans were also quick to spot the two famed celebrities hanging out a few times.

Fans can’t wait to witness the acting debut of Lisa

Although there are no official confirmations yet, the singer’s fans, especially BLINKs, have already expressed their excitement to see Lisa’s acting debut. 

Once confirmed, Lisa will now be the third BLACKPINK member to enter the world of acting. Previously, Jisoo made her TV debut in the melodrama Snowdrop. Meanwhile, Jennie launched her acting career in the HBO Original Series The Idol.

On social media, fans shared that they would love to see the multi-talented idol conquer another field in the big screens. “Please let it be real,” one fan wished. Another said: “Lisa in the Walking Dead? Will definitely be tuning in if it’s true.”

Others even stated that they will binge-watch the entire series once the idol is confirmed to make an appearance on the show.

In other news, YG Entertainment just revealed that none of the BLACKPINK members renewed their contracts for individual activities. Which means that Lisa, Jennie, Rose and Jisoo will now have the capability to explore solo endeavors, while also keeping BLACKPINK active and intact.

With this, Lisa is now a free agent who has the autonomy to pursue her desired projects outside of BLACKPINK’s group activities. Upon hearing this announcement, fans have become more hopeful for the singer’s possible acting debut in the series.

Featured image: Lisa updates fans with new photos from holiday trip. Credit: Instagram/BLACKPINK’s Lisa