The wait is finally over. EXO members D.O. and Kai have officially taken part in the “First Snow” challenge that became viral late last year!

EXO’s D.O. and Kai Take Part in ‘First Snow’ Challenge at Latest Fan Meeting

On April 14, EXO held their 12th anniversary fan meeting ‘2024 EXO FAN MEETING : ONE‘ at the Incheon Yeongjongdo Inspire Arena. Although they were unable to participate since they were both serving their mandatory military service, members Kai and Sehun supported their hyungs by attending the second session of the event.

At one point, “First Snow” was brought up and it was mentioned that both D.O. and Kai had not yet participated in the viral challenge. The members then encouraged them to do the challenge and after some enthusiastic urging, Kim Jongin stood up to do the dance.

When Kai was done, the EXO members then turned to D.O. and urged him to do the challenge. EXO-Ls cheered as Doh Kyungsoo did the challenge.

The Unexpected Success of ‘The First Snow’

“The First Snow” was initially part of EXO’s 2013 album ‘Miracles in December.’ Its recent resurgence in popularity can be attributed to the TikTok challenge associated with the song. The challenge gained considerable traction, leading to increased streaming numbers and a resurgence in chart performance.

The song also holds historical significance as it was originally released when EXO still had its original 12 members before the departures of Luhan, Kris, and Tao in the following year. The song’s enduring appeal and the success of the recent TikTok challenge demonstrate the lasting impact and popularity of EXO’s music, even years after its initial release.

The EXO members are currently busy with their own solo endeavors. However, Suho has confirmed that they will prepare for a full group comeback once Kai and Sehun have completed their mandatory military service sometime in 2025.