Shuhua will be unable to join (G)I-DLE’s upcoming activities. It was revealed that the (G)I-DLE member needs to take a break due to health concerns.

Health Concerns Force Shuhua to Cancel Activities with (G)I-DLE

CUBE Entertainment announced on February 8 that (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua will be taking a temporary break from all of her scheduled activities.

“Shuhua recently visited the hospital due to persistent dizziness stemming from a decline in her [physical] condition and received medical advice that she needs sufficient rest and stability.

“While Shuhua expressed a strong determination to continue with her activities, we have decided to temporarily suspend all her schedules to allow her to fully focus on rest and recovery.” – CUBE Entertainment

This decision comes after CUBE Entertainment previously revealed on February 3 that Shuhua was unable to participate in the live broadcast of MBC’s “Music Core” and a scheduled video call event due to a physical illness.

The news of Shuhua’s temporary hiatus has naturally raised concerns among fans, especially following (G)I-DLE’s recent comeback with their new album “2” on January 29. With the group actively promoting their latest release, Shuhua’s absence from scheduled activities undoubtedly comes as a disappointment to fans eagerly anticipating her participation.

However, CUBE Entertainment’s decision to prioritize Shuhua’s health and well-being is commendable, reflecting the agency’s commitment to the welfare of its artists. Given the demanding nature of the K-pop industry and the rigorous schedules that artists often face, it is also crucial for agencies to prioritize the health and recovery of their talents.

As fans express their support and understanding for Shuhua during this challenging time, they also send their well wishes for her speedy and full recovery. While Shuhua’s temporary hiatus may temporarily disrupt (G)I-DLE’s activities, fans remain hopeful that she will return to the group revitalized and ready to resume her activities with renewed energy and vigor.

In the meantime, (G)I-DLE members and fans alike continue to show their unwavering support for Shuhua, demonstrating the strong bond and camaraderie within the group. As Shuhua takes the necessary time to focus on her recovery, fans eagerly await her return, knowing that her health and happiness are the top priorities.