IVE has ventured into new territory with “Will,” their new Japanese single. It’s also their first group OST for the anime Pokémon Horizons. The release of this song coincides with the anime’s new arc, “Terastal Debut,” which began airing on April 12.

Pokémon Horizons features new creatures from the recent Scarlet and Violet video games, including Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. The shiny form of legendary Pokémon Rayquaza has also appeared on the show. New human characters like Friede, Liko, and Roy take center stage in this season of the anime.

Pokemon Horizons Terastal Debut Trailer

Immense joy

Japanese member Rei expressed immense joy over this project. “When I was little, I’d be in front of the TV on the days the anime aired, looking forward to learning what kind of adventure we’d be getting that day. I’d be happy if I could share all the memories I made from watching the anime back then with you all. Please look forward to seeing IVE alongside Pokémon.”

Gaeul, another member of IVE, recalled, “There was a huge Pokémon card game craze back when I was in elementary school. I played that a lot with my cousins and collected cute menko in all kinds of colors. I sang this song with all my might to fill it with the kind of cheerfulness and energy that’s so unique to the Pokémon anime, so please look forward to it!”

Pokémon Horizons OP 3 4K – Will by IVE | Terastal Debut

A dream come true for IVE

The group’s center Wonyoung spoke about her love for Pikachu. Meanwhile, Liz waxed nostalgic about playing the video games and collecting Pokémon cards with her brother.

“I’ve loved Pikachu since childhood and I wanted to live with Pokémon in real life, so I’m happy to get to sing the opening theme. We’ll be singing a cheerful song that’ll make you happy as you watch the show!” Wonyoung said.

Liz added, “I’ve enjoyed the anime ever since I was a child. I also played the games and collected cards, menko and plushies with my little brother, so I was honored when I learned we were singing the opening theme. It made me so excited and happy I can’t even put it into words. Since I was so excited about this song, I did my absolute best when recording it as well. I hope you guys are all excited for it as well, and would be really happy if you’d root for us a lot!”

Leeseo also shared her excitement. “I have fun collecting the stickers that come with Pokémon Pan pastry, and I put them all on my cell phone. It was a dream come true to learn we would be singing this song. I did my best on ‘Will,’ so it’d make me happy if lots of people liked it,” she said earnestly.


A significant milestone

This OST marks a significant milestone for IVE as they continue to explore new avenues in their musical career. In addition to “Will,” IVE is set to release their second mini-album IVE Switch on April 29, featuring two title tracks. 

In the meantime, fans can look forward to experiencing “Will” not only as a standalone song but also as an integral part of the Pokémon Horizons viewing experience. It promises to add an extra layer of engagement to the beloved series. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: IVE and Pokemon—what an adorable combination! Source: X/@IVEstarship_JP.