JTBC has officially apologized to G-Dragon. The host of the network’s news show extended an apology to the BIGBANG leader after Kwon Ji-yong’s new company issued an ultimatum against malicious comments about the singer.

JTBC News Host Publicly Apologizes to G-Dragon

During a news broadcast on December 21, Yang Won Bo, the anchor of JTBC News’s “Scandal Supervisor,” publicly apologized to G-Dragon for their coverage of his recent drug-related incident. The anchor acknowledged that the initial reports, aired during the early stages of the police investigation, may have contained inappropriate or incorrect information from G-Dragon’s perspective. Recognizing the impact of their reporting on the artist and his fans, the anchor issued a sincere apology for any distress or inconvenience caused.

Over the past two months, JTBC had reported false information about G-Dragon, making allegations about his behavior and drug-related accusations. The coverage included critiques of his actions during his appearance at the police station, suggesting that he owed a public apology. The network’s remarks and headlines conveyed a negative interpretation of G-Dragon’s demeanor during the investigation, leading to significant public backlash.

G-Dragon’s New Company Takes Action Against Malicious Comments

On December 21, G-Dragon revealed that he had signed an exclusive contract with Galaxy Corporation, marking his departure from YG Entertainment. During a press conference held on the same day, Galaxy Corporation’s CEO, Jo Sung Hae, emphasized their commitment to protecting G-Dragon’s reputation and announced their intention to pursue strict legal actions against individuals responsible for defamatory content and malicious reports about the artist. The company set a deadline of one week for the removal of all false reports, urging media outlets to exercise restraint in reporting on G-Dragon’s drug incident. The agency emphasized the importance of allowing G-Dragon to resume his music activities without undue hindrance.

The public apology from JTBC News’s anchor is a significant acknowledgment of the impact and consequences of their reporting on G-Dragon. The artist’s agency, Galaxy Corporation, has taken a proactive stance in defending his reputation and ensuring a fair environment for his return to the music industry. The press conference and the CEO’s statements signal a commitment to protecting G-Dragon from unwarranted negative coverage and false allegations, fostering an environment conducive to his successful comeback.