If you are looking for  Kpop Halloween costumes or songs for your Kpop Halloween playlist for your party, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get into the spirit of things by watching these music videos inspired by the creepiest holiday of the year!

Chilling K-pop music videos for Halloween

Voodoo Doll, VIXX

What even is a list of dark and creepy K-pop music videos without VIXX? Of course, the concept kings must be in this list. The group has an uncanny ability to pull off wildly different concepts—ranging from ethereal to unusual to gruesome—that are not commonly seen in K-pop. In Voodoo Doll, the members are trapped by a woman (maybe a jilted lover?) hell-bent on exacting revenge by using a voodoo doll. The video also cuts into close-up shots of bloody body modification and the female character’s enjoyment in doling out the painful punishment, illustrating her character’s sadistic streak.

Watch the music video in all its haunting glory below (trigger warning: blood, gore):

Boy Meets Evil, BTS

Intense and soulful are the perfect words to describe this trailer video for BTS’s Boy Meets Evil, from the Wings album. RM opens the video by narrating an excerpt from Demian by Hermann Hesse: “My sin was not specifically this or that but consisted of having shaken hands with the devil. The devil held me in his clutches; the enemy was behind me.”

Then, J-Hope appears to perform a routine that was equal parts grim and emotional. The video, lyrics, and choreography give off that feeling that something sinister is lurking unseen. It reminds you that sometimes, the scariest, most unsettling things lie deep inside your own mind.

Watch J-Hope’s emotive performance in the video below:

Chase Me, Dreamcatcher

The dark concept isn’t normally seen in girl group music videos, but Dreamcatcher has made it a point to fully embrace the eerie in their MVs. In Chase Me, a ghost hunter spends the night at a hotel, in an attempt to capture any paranormal activity. The Dreamcatcher members are the spirits that haunt the man at every turn.

Watch their music video for Catch Me below:

Witch, Boyfriend

In the music video, the members are vampires who face off with a female vigilante killer in a red cape—who turned out to be their friend. Their discovery of this betrayal leads to a rooftop battle with the vigilante, a fight which the Boyfriend members lose.

The group also did a darker reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland with their music video for Bounce. Unfortunately, the group disbanded in 2019. But their music videos, including Witch, are still up on YouTube. Watch it below:

Peek-a-Boo, Red Velvet

Red Velvet is no stranger to creepy yet captivating music videos, and Peek-a-Boo fits perfectly into this category. In the music video, the girls—who turn out to be a murderous bunch obsessed with pizza delivery boys—play various games with an unsuspecting pizza guy. By the time he catches on with the girls’ plan, it’s too late to escape.

Check out their music video, AKA a warning to all pizza delivery guys everywhere:

Don’t Hate Me, Epik High

K-hip-hop legends Epik High did their own spin on the Halloween theme in their music video for Don’t Hate Me. In the music video, Tablo, DJ Tukutz, and Mithra Jin slog through a dreary supermarket shift when kids dressed as movie villains and Halloween characters invade their workplace and trash the whole place. While the video featured kids in spooky costumes and causing mayhem, the song lyrics actually address the group’s fans and anti-fans.

Watch the high-energy music video below:

Full Moon, Sunmi

In Full Moon, Sunmi is a sultry vampire who turns her love interest with a bite and waits for him to transform. The man convulses, seemingly in pain as a result of the bite. As the music video progresses, we see flashbacks from the man’s younger years—he looks at Sunmi walking across a rooftop while he was stuck in a wheelchair. At the end of the video, we see the man completing his transformation into a vampire.

Watch the music video below:

TT, Twice

TT, with its sweet and cheery sound, doesn’t seem to fit the Halloween theme. But in the music video, little trick-or-treaters go somewhere they shouldn’t be and encounter the Twice members who are decked out in costumes. Admittedly, the video is more cute and charming than dark and creepy, but at least you can get Halloween outfit ideas for when the world opens up again!

The girls’ debut song, Ooh Ahh, also put a dash of cute on the Halloween theme, with its zombie apocalypse setting.

Be charmed by Twice in the TT music video below:

Thriller, BTOB

Cemeteries and catacombs automatically give people the creeps, and BTOB ups the scare factor by using these as the setting for their Thriller music video. In the first few seconds of the video, the members appear to rise from their graves as zombies. Their glowing eyes combined with their choreography added to the feel that the BTOB guys are out to take over for the night.

Check out the video below:

Shadow, Highlight (Beast)

Ruined buildings, torch-lit hallways, skulls, creepy crawlies, and people with skeleton body paint all contribute to the gothic atmosphere of the Shadow music video. The group released this track in 2013, back when they were known as Beast. In addition to the dark imagery, the video used light and shadow, as well as a mirroring effect, to evoke the feeling of being taken over by the darkness.

Watch the music video below:

Of course, there are more K-pop videos that use dark imagery—plus, there’s a whole range of other concepts that will simply blow you away! We’ve written about amazing Kpop boy group concepts and top-tier Kpop girl group concepts—make sure to check them out!

Which dark, creepy, or Halloween-inspired music video is your favorite?

Happy Kpop Halloween!

Featured image: Red Velvet serving Kpop halloween costumes from their Peek-A-Boo music video. Photo: SMTOWN/YouTube