“Road to Kingdom 2” is officially coming and the lineup may have already been revealed. It looks like CRAVITY will be one of the major acts joining the second season of the highly anticipated show.

‘Road to Kingdom 2’ Teases CRAVITY, xikers, and More

The anticipation surrounding the lineup for the upcoming season of “Road to Kingdom” has reached fever pitch, with reports confirming CRAVITY’s potential participation in the highly anticipated Mnet boy group competition show. While Starship Entertainment, the agency representing CRAVITY, has clarified that no definitive decision has been reached, discussions with the production team are actively underway, hinting at the possibility of their involvement in the show’s second season.

Alongside CRAVITY, rumors abound regarding the inclusion of several other boy groups in the lineup. Speculations suggest that xikers, THE NEW SIX, 8TURN, YOUNITE, ATBO, and TEMPEST are poised to join the competition. However, neither their respective agencies nor Mnet have issued official confirmations regarding these reports, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further announcements.

What to Expect in ‘Road to Kingdom’ Season 2

The announcement of “Road to Kingdom 2” has reignited excitement among K-Pop enthusiasts. Initially premiered in 2020, the show garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative format, which pitted seven boy groups against each other in weekly missions. The intense competition showcased the talents of groups like PENTAGON, ONF, Golden Child, THE BOYZ, VERIVERY, ONEUS, and TO1, captivating audiences with electrifying performances and thrilling showdowns.

The winning team from “Road to Kingdom” earned the coveted opportunity to advance to the subsequent program, “Kingdom,” solidifying their status as rising stars within the fiercely competitive K-Pop landscape. As fans eagerly await further details regarding the new season, including the program title and broadcast date, anticipation also continues to mount, with expectations running high for another exhilarating showcase of musical prowess and artistic excellence.

With the promise of fresh talent and exhilarating performances on the horizon, the forthcoming season of “Road to Kingdom” holds the potential to captivate audiences once again, cementing its status as a must-watch event for K-Pop enthusiasts worldwide. As the excitement builds and speculation abounds, fans also eagerly await the unveiling of the complete lineup and the thrilling competitions that lie ahead.