K-pop group TREASURE has announced their much-anticipated comeback with the release of their second full-length album, titled “REBOOT.” On July 4, the group’s agency YG Entertainment posted an announcement film for the upcoming album on YouTube. The album is set to drop on July 28. 

Early July 17, YG Entertainment revealed the track list for REBOOT. Based on the track list, fans can expect a wide variety of songs showcasing the group’s charms, musical style, and talent. 

TREASURE’s Concept Photos for “REBOOT”

Later that day, TREASURE released individual concept photos and a visual film, raising anticipation for their comeback. The members are sporting black military-style jackets with red detailing in the concept photos—the exact fit they donned for the visual film. Their fashion style was transformed, which is quite telling. In K-pop, such changes often hint at the theme of the upcoming album.

TREASURE, known for their catchy music and energetic performances, has amassed a large fanbase since their debut. The announcement of their second full-length album follows the smashing success of their previous releases and is expected to be a significant event in the K-pop calendar.

TREASURE’s New Album Reception

The announcement film, concept photos, and visual film for REBOOT have already generated buzz. While specific details about TREASURE’s promotional activities for this comeback have yet to be revealed, the anticipation is building as the release date approaches.

Stay tuned for more updates on TREASURE’s comeback and the release of their second full album, REBOOT. The group’s dedicated fans, popularly known as Teume (“트메”) (short for Treasure Makers), are undoubtedly excited to see what the group has in store for this comeback. -K-pop News Writer

Featured Image: K-pop group Treasure’s logo was changed to reflect their new direction. Source: Twitter/The TREASURE members’ shared Twitter account.