Byungchan has found a new agency. The VICTON member has signed an exclusive contract with a new company. The “King’s Affection” actor is now the first member to transfer agencies since leaving IST Entertainment last month.

Choi Byung-chan Becomes First VICTON Member To Sign With New Agency

New Way Company confirmed the news about Byungchan. “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Choi Byung-chan,” the agency stated.

“We will be unsparing in our support of Choi Byung-chan,” the statement added. The agency also expressed its intention to allow the artist to “showcase his personal strengths and limitless potential to his heart’s content.”

Byungchan debuted as a member of VICTON in 2016. He made his acting debut in the 2020 high school drama “Live On” and received praise for his three-dimensional acting. Choi Byung-chan’s most recent TV role was in the 2022 romantic comedy “Business Proposal”.

In April 2023, IST Entertainment announced that Byungchan and fellow VICTON members Hanse and Subin decided not to renew their exclusive contracts. The group’s maknae line later confirmed the news in letters posted on their personal Instagram accounts. For his part, Choi Byung-chan expressed his gratitude for fans who supported him since debut.

“From 2016, for seven years, I received such great and happy love,” Byungchan wrote. “After only knowing how to receive love, I also learned from ALICE how to give love. That’s why our time together was so precious and were moments I will never be able to forget. To ALICE, who only gave love over this long period of time, thank you and I love you.”

He also addressed his fellow VICTON members, confirming his support for them in their future endeavors.

“Although we are now walking our own paths, this isn’t a sad farewell,” Byungchan wrote. “To my VICTON members, who will become cooler for their new starts, I will always support you and I love you.”

In related news, VICTON member Han Seung Woo launched solo social media accounts in preparation for solo projects.