BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is set to pursue solo activities under a family management system run by her older brother. According to Exsports News, Jisoo will join Biomom, a company where her brother is the CEO. Best known for manufacturing children’s health supplements, Biomom is expanding into the entertainment industry under the name Blissoo. The company has posted job listings for various positions, indicating a comprehensive plan to manage Jisoo‘s activities.

Rumors have circulated in the industry about Jisoo potentially leaving YG Entertainment to continue her activities under a different agency. Given her close relationship with her brother, there are high expectations for her to do well under this new system after leaving YG Entertainment.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, of which Jisoo is a member, renewed their group contract with YG Entertainment after months of negotiations. This renewal followed intense speculation about the group’s potential split. The group debuted under YG Entertainment in August 2016, and their contract renewal has been a topic of discussion in the industry for several months.


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Jisoo will have more autonomy

As of 2024, the members of BLACKPINK are taking new directions with their solo careers, separate from their group activities under YG Entertainment. Jennie co-founded her own label, ODD ATELIER, with her mother. This label will be the base for her solo activities, separate from her work with BLACKPINK. ODD ATELIER’s official website features new photos of Jennie and provides an introduction to the label. 

Jennie’s decision to establish her own company marks a significant step in her career. Overall, both she and Jisoo are adopting a strategy to receive support from their families in smaller agencies rather than executives in large corporations. This approach allows them more autonomy and control over their solo careers while maintaining their roles within BLACKPINK.

Meanwhile, the other two members of BLACKPINK, Lisa and Rosé, have yet to announce their plans for solo activities. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: All eyes are on Jisoo as she embarks on a new path with her brother by her side. Source: X/@PopBase.