The collaborative domestic management partnership between the renowned artist CL and Konnect Entertainment has officially concluded. Both CL’s record label Very Cherry and Konnect Entertainment have confirmed the conclusion of their two-year partnership. Although this puts the idol in an uncertain situation, BLACKJACKs are hoping it means new content from the former 2NE1 member.

CL Parts Ways With Konnect Entertainment, Ends Management Partnership

On August 29, Very Cherry shared the news about CL’s domestic management partnership. The record label confirmed that the idol concluded the collaboration with Konnect Entertainment. “The partnership that has prevailed for the past two years has come to an end,” they said.

This partnership, initiated in July 2021, served as a platform for several significant projects, including the promotion of domestic broadcasting activities for ‘ALPHA,’ which marked CL’s debut solo studio album. The collaboration was instrumental in bringing CL’s music to a wider audience during this period.

With the closure of the partnership between CL and Konnect Entertainment, CL is poised to reconnect with her devoted fan base. A representative from Very Cherry, her record label, dropped hints about forthcoming plans,

“We are strategically planning to continue our activities through various forms of partnerships,” they said.

The Future for CL

This suggests that while one chapter closes, CL and Very Cherry are already looking ahead to new and diverse avenues for their artistic endeavors. CL’s fans can anticipate exciting developments as she explores fresh opportunities on her creative journey.

Last year, CL reunited with fellow 2NE1 members Bom, DARA, and Minzy to perform at the 2022 Coachella Festival. This would be the group’s first performance in over six years since the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards in December 2015.

In related news, fellow 2NE1 member DARA dropped her first solo album “Sandara Park”. This would be her first album release in South Korea and her first release overall in 14 years since the promotional single “Kiss” in 2009.