Former NCT member LUCAS is voicing his support for NCT U. The former WayV member announced his departure from both the group and sub-unit earlier this year. However, Lucas Wong couldn’t help but show support for his friends. On the other hand, some NCTZENs are not impressed with the gesture.

LUCAS Endorses NCT U’s Latest Single

On August 28th, NCT U unveiled the music video for their latest track, “Baggy Jeans.” The track features the same iconic lineup of members that made “The 7th Sense” a sensation. Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, and Mark are officially back and their return caused a wave of excitement among NCTZENs. Not surprisingly, fans have eagerly embraced this new offering from the talented quintet.

With the return of this beloved lineup and their captivating new music, “Baggy Jeans” promises to be another milestone in NCT U’s journey. It is set to unite fans and former members alike in celebration of their artistry.

The positive response to “Baggy Jeans” extends beyond the fanbase, as former WayV member LUCAS also expressed his thoughts on the track via Bubble. This demonstrates the enduring camaraderie and mutual support among NCT members, past and present.

“‘Baggy Jeans’ is too cool, please support it a lot,” LUCAS wrote.

Although it is awesome to see LUCAS supporting NCT U, most fans were not impressed. The messages he posted were featured in an online forum thread, and the overwhelming sentiment in the comments section was clearly disapproving of the idol’s actions. Many expressed irritation at his attempt to insert himself into the “Baggy Jeans” conversation.

Prior to his exit from NCT and WayV, LUCAS had been on hiatus since August 2021. He was initially set to release a new single with fellow WayV member Hendery. However, it was postponed as LUCAS faced controversy over a cheating scandal. He is expected to make his solo debut this year.