K-pop idol Holland, who’s a known member of the LGBTQ+ community, expressed his disappointment about MNet’s 18+ rating for its first gay dating program Provocative Dating Z.

On Wednesday, September 2, Holland, who also stars in the show, criticized the television network. In his series of social media posts, the openly gay singer deemed the age restriction was unnecessary. Since there was no provocative or explicit content, the idol shared that the rating shows Mnet’s unwillingness to allow more access to the program.

“The Mnet dating program ‘Provocative Dating Z’ in which I appeared, has been changed to an age restriction of 18+. I have doubts about it being classified as age-restricted content when it’s a pure same-sex dating program without any provocative scenes,” he said. 


Additionally, he wrote: “It deeply saddens me that in Korea, the love of gay individuals is considered unfit for minors to watch.”

Hosted by comedian Lee Eun Ji, the dating program released its first episode on September 6. Said show featured six queer contestants, including Holland, and their journey in the game of romance.

Netizens react, lobby for Holland and LGBTQ+ representation

Upon Holland’s statement, netizens shared their opinions and thanked the idol for speaking up on the matter.

“Thank you for always speaking up about this. Visibility matters and I’m glad you’re in this space to remind others we are enough as we are. Sending love and strength your way,” one wrote.

Known as the first openly gay idol in K-pop, Holland has long been advocating for LGBTQ+ representation and equality. In one of his previous tweets, the idol even mentioned his desire to give dreams and hope to young LGBTQ+ kids. 

For his part, Holland has exhibited pride in promoting queerness as a celebrity. Using his platform, he has presented ideas such as genderless dressing in his artistic endeavors, fulfilling his dreams for the LGBTQ+ community little by little.

Unfortunately, his journey hasn’t been easy. Since coming out, Holland has shared several accounts where he was met with backlash and discrimination.

Featured image: Holland attends a fashion event of Louis Vuitton in Seoul. Credit: Instagram/Holland