It looks like Jay Park is eager to work with BLACKPINK member Jennie. The soloist just expressed his interest in being signed with Jennie’s solo label ODDATELIER and fans can’t stop talking about it!

Jay Park Reacts to BLACKPINK Jennie’s Solo Label ODDATELIER

Jay Park injected a playful twist into the online buzz surrounding BLACKPINK’s Jennie and her newly rumored label, ODDATELIER. In response to an Instagram post by HIP (@hipkr_) announcing Jennie’s label establishment and the subsequent website crash due to a surge in traffic, Jay Park humorously commented in Korean phonetics, “Sign me.”

Netizens were quick to react, expressing delight at Jay Park’s playful gesture. Many interpreted it as a lighthearted desire to join Jennie’s label, despite the fact that Jay Park already has his own. Some netizens fondly recalled Jay Park’s known admiration for BLACKPINK, adding an extra layer of amusement to the comment.


The creation of ODDATELIER, linked to the alleged establishment in November 2023, has generated considerable excitement. The label is described as a space for creating unconventional and attention-grabbing content, deviating from conventional expectations. Although the website is currently inaccessible due to heightened traffic, its brief description aligns with Jennie’s multifaceted role as both an artist and entrepreneur.

As BLACKPINK recently renewed their contract with YG Entertainment for group activities, the details surrounding Jennie’s solo endeavors have remained officially undisclosed. The emergence of ODDATELIER also adds an intriguing dimension to Jennie’s career, hinting at potential solo projects and a platform for expressing her unique artistic vision. Jay Park’s humorous comment only adds to the excitement and speculation surrounding this new chapter in Jennie’s career.

In related news, Jennie finally released a special Christmas treat for fans. On December 24 at midnight KST, she unveiled her rendition of two winter-themed songs: Zion.T’s “Snow” and Sia’s “Snowman.” The release also reflects Jennie’s thoughtfulness and desire to bring warmth and joy to her supporters during the holiday season.