Lucas Wong, a former member of the K-pop groups NCT and WayV, opened up about his past controversies in a new documentary titled Freeze. Released on February 24 on his YouTube channel, this documentary is one of the steps he’s taking to return to the music industry under SM Entertainment—this time as a solo artist. The 22-minute video sheds light on what the Hong Kong-born idol has been up to during his time away from the spotlight. Lucas went on hiatus in August 2021 amid accusations of abuse and gaslighting by an alleged ex-girlfriend, along with similar claims from another individual.

Freeze opens with a look at a day in the life of Lucas during his hiatus before delving into the controversy that led to his official departure from NCT and WayV in May 2023. He admits that the “incident” altered his “personality and thoughts” and goes into detail about the toll it took on his mental health.

LUCAS Documentary Part1 | Freeze

“I stayed only in my room for about six months; I didn’t want to do anything,” he reveals. “In all seriousness, my hair kept falling out. I didn’t even eat properly because I had no appetite. I had terrible thoughts; I was so sorry I wanted to die because honestly, it was all my fault.”

His candid reflections on his actions and their consequences show a level of self-awareness and responsibility. He admits, “Honestly, I did the things I did in the past because I really was out of my mind.”

Lucas issues another apology

At the height of the controversy almost three years ago, he posted a handwritten note in which he apologized to “those who were hurt by my wrong behavior” without directly mentioning what happened. He issues another apology in Freeze. Lucas opening up about his mental health struggles and taking responsibility for his actions offer a glimpse into his significant growth.

“I haven’t been able to say this properly, not even once. But I feel so sorry. I’ve done a terrible thing; I feel so sorry that I let everyone down. Nothing can justify what I’ve done. Now, my views have changed; I realized many bad things about myself,” he says.

LUCAS Documentary Part2 | Unfreeze

Five days after Freeze dropped, another video titled Unfreeze dropped on Lucas’s YouTube channel. It serves as a continuation of his apology tour. (For the uninitiated, an apology tour involves a public figure making multiple appearances or statements to apologize for past mistakes and seek forgiveness, aiming to repair their reputation or address controversies.)

SM Entertainment recently launched new official social media accounts for Lucas, although the agency hasn’t announced any concrete plans for his comeback. As he makes his way back into the spotlight, his diehard fans hope people will look kindly on him and give him a second chance. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: The controversy changed Lucas irrevocably. Source: X/@lucas_official.