NewJeans’ Danielle has once again captured the hearts of fans with her adorable and charming personality in the first part of her vlog, where she documents her trip back home to Australia to visit her family. Interestingly, the idol revealed that she may have inherited her aegyo tendencies from her own father!

NewJeans Member Danielle Shares Aegyo Interactions With Family

In the vlog, Danielle offers fans a glimpse into her hometown, showcasing moments of shopping, sightseeing, and enjoying delicious meals. The video is filled with a warm and loving atmosphere, with fans noting the endearing interactions between Danielle and her family members.

One standout moment in the vlog is when Danielle is with her father, displaying a level of aegyo (cute charm) that fans find heart-melting. The video captures sweet moments of Danielle being a “baby” around her father, showcasing a side of her personality that resonates with fans.

In one particularly charming scene, Danielle’s father is seen cutely playing with a knitted turtle named Jerry that was given to her by fellow NewJeans member Hanni. The endearing interaction reflects a familial bond and adds to the overall warmth portrayed in the vlog.

Danielle’s ability to share personal moments and create a connection with her audience has been a consistent feature of her content. Fans appreciate the authenticity and relatability she brings to her vlogs, allowing them to see different facets of her life beyond the stage.

The positive reception to Danielle’s vlog highlights the appeal of content that offers a behind-the-scenes look at an artist’s life, fostering a sense of intimacy between the artist and their audience. As Danielle continues to share her experiences and adventures, fans eagerly anticipate more heartwarming moments and glimpses into her world.

NewJeans recently performed during the theme song “GODS” at the grand opening ceremony of the 2023 League of Legends World Championship.